ask DNA ☕

Chapter 6: Wheels and Baskets

He couldn't help but feel light. It was the first time he'd truly been happy in weeks. Maybe months.

His rental bike had a strategically huge basket on the front. He leaned the records upright inside and tried to place the cable lock in the basket in such a way that it would prop the LPs up. It didn't really work. He re-secured his headphones and found one of his earliest faves from Bandcamp: Ablutophobia EP by Sheep, Dog & Wolf - a curious and creative one-man multi-instrument project.

He managed to hit three other shops that day: Zap, Red Light, and Platypus. Each had their own charm and character, complimented by the interesting buildings they occupied. He was surprised how long a place could be, while being so narrow.

Along his route, he would occasionally pull out his phone and snap a picture. The architecture fascinated him, and there were photogenic people everywhere.

In many ways it was so like home, but he couldn't get over the number of bicycles. He'd never been that into cycling, but now he couldn't stop snapping little arty cell phone pics of wheels and baskets. He'd never been that into photography either. Maybe it was time to start up a Pixelfed account.

Parked bicycles in Amsterdam Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash