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Chapter 7: Cafés

Now that he'd been there a few days, he was starting to pick some favourites; routes, restaurants, cafés, cafés. The weed wasn't as good in Amsterdam as he'd expected but the vibe in some of these places was so nice it made him wonder if he could stay in town forever.

He'd amassed more records than he'd been aiming for. He also developed a new affinity for 45s. There were so many artists he'd never heard of releasing material a 7-inch at a time. He flinched when the post office had told him the cost to send everything home but that was just because he was cheap. He could easily afford it.

Throughout his time there he'd stopped to appreciate a few street performers, but still hadn't seen a proper show. As he passed a bulletin board, he decided it was time to change that. After a cursory glance online at some of the listed acts, he picked Ari Abdul at a place called Tolhuistuin. He'd never heard of either but the venue looked cool online and Abdul seemed like the right vibe for a Friday night.

A cafe patio Photo by Karina Hof