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Chapter 8: Brothers

While grabbing a quick supper before the show, he'd met some other travellers: two more Canadians, one Australian, and a German. They were a bit loud but very friendly. The brothers, from somewhere on Vancouver Island, had been travelling for the last six months. Matty was tall, bright, and energetic, with shoulder-length, light-brown hair, a neatly-trimmed beard, and a fairly muscular build. Justin was just as tall, a bit less toned, quieter, shorter hair, glasses, and had a bit of unshaven scruff. They'd come from Norway, hiked and hitched through Denmark, then Germany - where they'd met the other two - and now here they were. It sounded like the four of them had been partying for weeks. It made him feel his age, but they were so warm and inviting, he couldn't help but like them.

A cobbled street at night with lights strung overhead, between the buildings Photo by Nighthawk Shoots on Unsplash