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My Use of AI


Seems impossible to not talk about AI these days so I wanted to write something short explaining how I use it.

In short, nothing on this website was made with AI. No ideas, no code, no templates, nothing.

It's important to me that creative content, including writing, music, visual art, etc. remain distinctly identified in opposition to AI-generated fluff. Calling something generated by AI "art" is an abominable disservice to the wild curiosity and ingenuity of the creative soul. Even calling LLMs "AI" is silly in my opinion (this isn't truly the marvel of artificial intelligence we've described in sci-fi for decades - it's just generative text and pixels).

However, I do use it, sparingly, at my day job. An example would be when my boss needs some data to be presented as a sort of news story format. I use it for this purpose because it doesn't matter to me if it's written in my genuine voice or uses a fluffy tone and in the right circumstances, it saves me a whopping couple of minutes. For the most part, though, I still type everything myself, because it's usually quicker than having to proofread a bunch of arbitrary garbage.

I'm not going down the rabbit hole of whether or not the thing we call AI is actually good or bad. Nor am I getting into the topic of incorporating AI into creative work. I get it: people have been freaking out at the idea of using computers in art (synthesis, protools, photoshop, etc.) for decades. Maybe in another post, some other time.

I just felt it necessary in the midst of this ridiculous craze to mention where I'm at.