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Start Your Own Website


If you have an idea or thought that you think someone else might find useful or amusing, share it on the internet. Don't just post it to social media though. You don't own that content. Post it on your own website that you own and control.

It's easier than you might think.

I get it. You're thinking, "C'mon man. I'm not going to learn a bunch of complicated code, like a giant nerd, just to post my thoughts online for strangers to read."

Fair enough. While the learning curve to create a basic website (like this one) from scratch is very easy, it's also not even strictly necessary. You could fire up a website using WordPress within minutes, using their free tools to cusomize things without ever seeing a line of code. Or try a dead-simple, ad-free, indie blogging platform like Bear. As for strangers reading things you post online... well, I'll let you ruminate on that.

If you want to start an easy peasy website, do it yourself. It's very easy. If you do want to take a step into code, and truly DIY, search the web for a template to get you started.

If you do get stuck, search the web. Chances are really good someone else has had that problem before and someone has posted the solution. Nowadays, everyone and their dog is a developer. Help is not far away.

Finally, consider purchasing a domain to make your website unique and really yours. Search the web. There are lots of easy solutions and now there are lots of fun, top-level domains (TLDs), so you don't have to settle on "". You could be "" or ""!

Have fun!

If you do end up making a website, send me the URL (the site address). I'll check it out.